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The food Loaves & Fishes gives out comes from local groceries, farmers, orchards, food distributors, and food drives.  Donations include frozen meat, fresh and canned fruits and vegetables, baked goods, prepared foods and dairy.

We happily accept donations from our community! If you would like to donate food to Loaves & Fishes, please check the list below for what we currently need. If you'd like to make a contactless donation, please place your donations on the picnic table or in the cart at the front door and ring doorbell. Donations are accepted MON, THURS & FRI 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM  and  TUES 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM. 


2020 Food Donations *



Total Weight Donated

 Blue Ridge Area Food Bank


 Sam’s Club








 Food Lion


 Borden Dairy


 Cavalier Produce


 4P Foods


 Hidden Pines Meat Processing




 Society of St. Andrews


 Pepsi Cola Bottling Co.


  * The above is just a sample of the very generous donations we receive.

When Loaves & Fishes receives donations we cannot give out to our clients, we try to share them with other organizations who also serve low-wealth members of our community. We have given brand-new mattresses to MACAA's Hope House, the Departments of Social Services, and the Shelter for Help in Emergency, costumes and clothing to the Shelter, Salvation Army, Ronald McDonald House, and the UVa Children's Hospital, and order-taking notepads to CATEC's food truck.

And what about the food we can't serve to clients?

Our surplus dairy, produce and bakery items are shared with other local non-profit organizations such as Salvation Army, The Emergency Food Network, PACEM, The Haven and other area food pantries.  Food that has passed its expiration is shared with local farmers to feed their livestock.

Requesting Financial Statements

We are happy to provide you with a copy of our financial statements or you can request copies in writing from the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs.  Our financial reviews and federal tax returns (990) are available on the Financial Documents page

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